Giving back to your city: 5 worthy causes to volunteer for in Downtown Toronto

When looking to make a difference, donating your time means giving back in a way that is both tangible and valuable to all worthy causes. Here are the top 5 ways to give back while living in downtown Toronto.

1) Supporting and mentoring youth

Supporting and mentoring underprivileged youth allows future generations of Torontonians to excel and reach their fullest potential. Covenant House supports struggling, homeless youth and are always in need of volunteers in administrative and community-based capacities.  Similarly, Big Brothers and Sisters of Toronto offer opportunities in the mentorship of youth through just a few hours of commitment each month.

2) Caring for homeless families in need

Providing shelter and housing to families due to abuse, or other extenuating circumstances, is of the utmost importance in keeping that family strong. Both the Red Door Family Shelter and YWCA Toronto offer this kind of relief. By providing child care support, tutoring, or teaching workshops, volunteers help these organizations thrive.

3) Volunteering with the elderly

Reaching one’s golden years is a milestone widely revered by younger generations hoping to do the same one day. And what better way to show your support than to give back to those currently in need of assistance.  Organizations like the Sunshine Centres for Seniors welcome volunteer companions during senior group outings, especially for those with disabilities. If you play an instrument, or have another suitable talent, the centre also encourages you to perform for their members.

4) Animal Rescue

When animal lovers find themselves living in a condo that doesn’t allow pets, getting involved with an animal rescue organization is definitely the next best thing. Much like animals, volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. The Toronto Humane Society fills many volunteer roles for dog walking and feline enrichment onsite at their location. Toronto Cat Rescue also fills similar positions for drivers, adoption counselors, and store volunteers.

5) Film & Culture

Culture is an essential part of the fabric that ties us together in this city. It’s all around us, from art to architecture. But a great place to start is Toronto’s thriving film culture. Festivals like Hot Docs or the Italian Contemporary Film Festival require lots of volunteer support for screenings during each year’s program.

Remember, as far as volunteering is concerned, even the smallest time commitment can make a huge difference to your city.