In Toronto the Trend is Shifting from Suburban Life to Condo Living

For over 50 years the trend has been for people to leave the downtown core and move toward the safe and wholesome suburbs, especially in big cities such as Toronto. When it became time to start raising a family of their own, big city residents preferred a spacious house with backyards to raise their children. It’s what they were used to, because their parents provided this same type of living accommodations and lifestyle. However, there has been a change in this way of thinking and living. Partially because of the fact that house prices have gone sky high and the Torontonian condo economy has been booming. Here are a few reasons why downtown living in Toronto has been experiencing an increasing popularity:

Car & worry free living

Living in a downtown condo allows you to save money on transportation. You don’t need a car, which saves on numerous levels such as parking, car expense, gas, insurance and more. You’re able to walk almost everywhere, and when needed there’s always the TTC which takes you anywhere within Toronto at a relatively low cost. Not to mention that a car-free lifestyle is also healthier and better for the environment.

If your condo rent includes a parking spot, you can rent your parking space out to other car-owners and even earn extra income. In downtown Toronto, almost everything is within walking distance; schools, restaurants, public transport, all without the hassle of driving there and the struggle of finding parking.


Living in a large and spacious house is not all fun and games. It requires a considerable investment of time and energy to maintain the garden, clean, shovel snow etc. All this goes right out the window with condo living. Except for your own unit, the entire building is maintained for you and you don’t have to worry about anything (except the condo maintenance fees). You can close the door behind you and enjoy a relaxing vacation without any worries.

In most condos there is also no need to pay for gym memberships since most condos have gyms or workout facilities included as one of many amenities. The amenities also provide residents with lots of comfort, all within your own building. You will benefit from state of the art gyms, conference rooms, pools, BBQ areas, basketball courts, the list is endless. The more amenities your building has to offer, the higher its value. It provides so much luxury and comfort, all within the convenience of your own building.

Urban lifestyle

People living in condos love the urban atmosphere and being just a few steps away from all the excitement the city life has to offer. Needless to say, living in the suburbs is a completely different vibe from living downtown. Whereas the suburbs are more quite, big city life is fast-paced and can be crowded. It’s a different lifestyle for those that enjoy a higher energy pace.

Living in a downtown Toronto condo has so much to offer, even when you’re considering raising a family. However, always consult your realtor and check if everything you need is in close proximity.

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