Living Off the Ground: The Benefits of a Condo Lifestyle in Toronto

It’s no news that Toronto is constantly growing and has a lot to offer. The city’s skyline has transformed immensely over the last 20 years.

What is news is that there has never been a better time to live in a condo in Toronto. And the bottom line is that you need to seize the opportunity to shine when and where it finds you. New residents often become overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and appeal of the big city, and need a bit of guidance to really soak in everything Toronto has to offer.

One of the best – and simplest ways to really take advantage of the city is to embrace living the condo lifestyle in Toronto.

Whether you are old or young, a working professional, or newly retired, hired, or wed, a condo lifestyle can provide you with a refreshing new perspective and quality of life.

Some Stats | Condos Toronto

Although condos are usually more affordable than houses, many Torontonians keep buying houses, hoping for that white picket fence and 2.5 kids. In 2015, the sale of single-family homes rose 8% in the GTA, while the sale of condos fell 2%, even though 2000 more condos were sold overall.

What Does This Tell Us?

This statistic tells us that, when it comes to housing, Torontonians have recently been more interested in purchasing houses even though they often are more expensive, secluded, and remote than condos.

Condos are often viewed as glorified apartments, but this generalization is nowhere near the truth. The bottom line is that many purchasers are missing out on the many benefits of living a condo lifestyle in Toronto.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Living a Condo Lifestyle?

1. Less Maintenance

Living in a big city requires big ambitions. That’s one of the reasons why people move to a big metropolis. They are enamored by the glitter and glamor of the big city, and more importantly, what they can do in a big city that can’t be done in a smaller city. Lofty goals are usually easier to achieve in the big city.

Maintenance-free living, an essential perk of living a condo lifestyle in Toronto, frees up your time to focus on your dreams. Don’t worry about the grass cutting, impending snowfall or fixing a light. Put all your mental energies into that big project that’s due next week, tutoring your child, or working on your dream business.

With a traditional family home, you have to worry about mowing the lawn, fixing the leaky roof and the sinking foundation. All of these things add up. When it comes to condos, you simply won’t have to worry about any of that.

2. The World is Within Walking Distance

Many people move to cities and still spend lots of time commuting. Living in the suburbs has its charms but there is no magic that will erase a two-hour commute to the city. The ability to avoid commuting to work is a huge perk when it comes to living a condo lifestyle in Toronto.

If you strategically and conveniently choose your condo location you can arrange to be close to work, be beside your favourite restaurants, your gym, popular attractions and events, recreation centers, and more, all within walking distance. There is so much to do and enjoy in Toronto and the surrounding GTA that you can truly only enjoy if you choose your condo location strategically.

3. A Sense of Community

There is a stereotype that ambitious people go to cities, while people seeking communal bonds stay in small towns. However, you can have both when living a condo lifestyle in Toronto. Not only can you form strong bonds with the other condo owners in your building, but other condo owners in your general area as well.

With websites like, it is simpler than ever to meet people who also enjoy condo living, and form strong bonds with them, even if you live in a city of approximately 3 million people. Have your cake and eat it too, all by living a condo lifestyle in Toronto!

4. Condos are Traditionally More Affordable than Houses

Traditionally, in Toronto condos have tended to be a lot more affordable than houses. Of course, this isn’t the case if you are looking to purchase an upscale penthouse or lavish unit.

With that said, a traditional condo has quickly become the most attractive option for today’s young professional. A $300k to $400k price tag is a lot easier to swallow than a $1 million house located on the fringes of Toronto.

If you are looking for a place to call home and you are on a budget, a condo may be the right choice for you.

A Condo Lifestyle in Toronto is a Winner Lifestyle

There are so many more benefits to living a condo lifestyle in Toronto than we have listed for you here. Whether it is affordability, safety and security, investment appreciation, interior decoration customization, or something else, there’s no question you’ll be a winner.

If you are interested in finding that perfect condo, has access to many of the hottest new condo projects, many of which have just launched and are preconstruction.

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