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Are You Looking for a Promising Real Estate Investment in Toronto

TOmycity.com provides the best investment opportunities for you to invest in real estate projects in Toronto. We offer impeccable and honest service in this area for people who are keen on investing in real estate projects in Toronto. As a professional agency, we have sound knowledge of the changing real estate scenario in Toronto. Our close association with leading real estate developers here helps us to offer our customers lucrative investment solutions in real estate projects. Many great Condo projects are available in Toronto and Greater Toronto in which you can invest and get good returns. The rental value of real estate projects in Canada has grown manifold in recent years. So, if you want to invest in real estate projects in Toronto, now is the right time for you.

The surge in demand for condominiums in Canadian cities has given an impetus to the real estate spectrum in Canada, and more and more people are finding it the best investment opportunity. A Toronto Real Estate investment can give you better appreciation and value for your money. The recent real estate trend reveals that Canadians prefer condos to other dwelling options. So, investing in condos will be a good idea for a promising return. TOmycity.com gives you deep insights into the current condo projects in Toronto, which will help you to make informed decisions on the subject. By owning a condo, you not only own an apartment but also get a right over the common area, and you share the cost with your condo association.

Invest in Condos in the city of Mississauga

Mississauga, also known as Toronto Township, is a Canadian city in the province of Ontario that offers incredible real estate projects. It is the 6th most extensive city in Canada, which makes the place an ideal real estate investment destination. Many of the projects are coming up in the city centre, near Square One Mall, the largest shopping mall in Mississauga, which is also one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods. Many cost-effective condo projects in different styles are available in Mississauga that you can invest in. Square one area is a fast-developing location which makes Mississauga Real Estate investment a lucrative affair. Professionals, immigrants, etc. evince interest in investing in real estate projects in Mississauga considering the immense growth potential the city offers.

Before buying a condo, you must be aware of the costs involved with it. In addition to the purchase price, you will have to pay extra for the following:

  • GST or HST taxes:  This is a one-time tax that covers the sales tax on the purchase of a pre-constructed condo.
  • Legal fee:  A legal fee will be there against the transaction of a condo.
  • Cost on upgrades:  If you are planning for a future renovation, you will have to pay an additional cost.
  • Parking fee:  This can be a one-time fee or a recurring monthly fee.
  • Utility charges:  This includes charges for electricity, water, and heating.
  • Occupancy fee:  If you occupy the condo before registration, you must pay an occupancy fee.
  • Land transfer taxes:  This is a one-time fee that must be paid at the time of purchase.

If making an investment is there in your new year plan, investing in condos in Toronto and Mississauga will help you accomplish your goals. Keep in touch with us to have a comprehensive idea about buying real estate projects in Toronto and Mississauga.